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The Year of the Horse is upon us with a gradual thaw, high PM2.5 pollution, and hectic movements: MPE celebrates silently half a year of inactivity, yet we are by no means immobile. After months of scattered lives culminating in the two-day Differ festival in Shanghai along with Sabu Toyozumi & Anla Courtis, time has come to celebrate the new lunar year, rest and plan future interventions. There is no lack of material either (tapes, CDs, lathes), and our always-growing to-do list reads: C.U.M.T., Naturalismo, Sherman, Bipolar Joe, Shock Technician, Caligine, Gelba, Tashi Dorji...

But let’s talk about present times: Winter brought a dazzling yield of sounds in carton boxes of all sizes and shapes, flying between closer and farther places. None of these beauties come out under our name, yet we were involved in all of them more or less transversally – as the folk ramblings of Caligine, the off-kilter filters of Naturalismo, or the prismatic improvisations of Rainbow Island and Ѫΰϯᶓԃ Ʀѧϊᵰѣѻὦ.

Winter releases

Please scroll through the works that fellow labels did for our sounds, in a roughly chronological retrospective of this season of warm interactions. We will carry some of these releases in our distros in Rome & Hong Kong, yet as usual we’d prefer the label to sell them first... à votre bon coeur.

Caligine / The End SpringsSplit 7’’ (A Beard of Snails)

Caligine / GelbaSplit (Lonktaar)

Rainbow IslandRoad to Mirapuri (NO=FI)

Ѫΰϯᶓԃ Ʀѧϊᵰѣѻὦ - Intutions (Arachnidiscs)

NaturalismoInterno (Lips Infection)

Caligine, 李劍鴻, 朱小龍 - 石雲 / 雨旋 (Nothing Out There)


And happy new here,


Zev Asher

Humidity 96%

As it seems, Monstres par Excès survived the ominous five-year anniversary and enters into a new quinquennial plan with both continuities and breaks. These are days of widespread leakages: storms rumble overhead, weighing the Hong Kong air with lazy lightnings and a sticky mist; surveillance apparatuses crack open along the lines of their human factors, and all of a sudden the decolonized city appears as the safe heaven for a speech that lost its will to fight. Hence it is time for us to contribute to the leakage of sounds, the leakage of pipes, the leakage of action, and we do so with the fourth instance of our Disgiunzioni series: this time, the confrontation is triangular, and crosses two border at once - enemies and barbarians to each other, we defend our corners through personalized occupations of industrial spaces. 

In other words, 大小, Naturalismo and Sin:Ned captured in a dischordant disjunction back in Autumn 2012.

If this follows a too well-known route, then the new breakages will stir your interest. Due to spatial and organizational factors, Monstres par Excès initiated a hopefully proliferant allegiance with the equally underestimated and repudiated Lips Infection records, planning to take part as a silent stakeholder in selected releases and projects dealing with unexperimented materialities. Again, in short: we have a new lathe cut out, and more turntablable artifacts are in the pipeline. This one is a cozy ambient gem by 王长存, just about the right fix for the moody breakdown in any living room storm-gazing DJ set you might ever want to have.

Get dry.


MMXIII: Quinquennial Plans & Derives

It took a while and some thousands of miles of flights & derives but Ohrwurm Culture is finally into-the-world.
Ohrwurm Culture is Monstres par Excès first quinquennial compilation, and reports about almost everything that we did from 2007 to 2012, putting together a lot of people, efforts, times and places.

It's free, and it is beautiful.

Downloaded, enjoyed, enraged, embarassed?

Follow its dispersion, for it's multiple and cascading: "Veiculo Longo / A II Moon" is a beautiful blessed brilliance by Rella the Woodcutter and IOIOI, with incredible artworks by Chaai1's director Li Huihui. "Itself Kind Life" brings 王长存 on lathe cut, celebrating the first MPE co-release: pre-order it quickly, for only twenty of them exist. Rainbow Island's "RNBW" is pretty evidently the best Italian record of the year, if not because it has bongos in it, then because it is both a splendid vinyl LP and a free download, as all masterpieces of videogaming should be. And for the nostalgic boomboxers, Rainbow Island compiled a mixtape as well, and what a better title could we choose than Rainbowıxʇɐdǝ?

Besides the recent past, here be some future perfect: Caligine accompanied Makoto Kawabata to visit her majesty Pink Lady Lemonade along with 卖卖 and Half Otfto, and will keep the trajectory towards other two live shows: 13/4 with Orka, 21/4 with Purple Pilgrims & Gary War. On the other side of Eurasia, Rainbow Island are popping up everywhere like the unbeatable final boss of a lisergic arcade, and even announced to present their last hit Multitenebra, an industrial suite about Italian politics, at Thalassa Festival.

AllHappened\FuturePerfects\IncessantNegation to everyone.


Dualism, Belzebu, Rembetika and Rainbows

The bad news is that our five-almost-six-year anniversary compilation is not ready yet.

Good news, though, there's plenty: we squeezed out a new tape split by Belzebu Katmandu and Ѫΰϯᶓԃ Ʀѧϊᵰѣѻὦ. It's a limited edition of twenty, yes, wrapped in a gorgeous artwork and containing a soothing soundtrack for your personal solar comas.

Ѫΰϯᶓԃ Ʀѧϊᵰѣѻὦ is going to play a couple of times in Beijing (keep an eye on XP) with Cloud Choir and Vavabond. Speaking of rainbows, Rainbow Island also have a couple of shows lined up during the next two weeks: 25/7 in L'Aquila, and 31/7 in Rome, where they will present a new live set called Mirapuri Jungle DigiBongo Fest.

You reap what you have sown, they say, and it's mostly true: two unreleased tracks by Caligine appear on two different compilations. The first is called Bearded Snails, a beautiful 3x3 mini-cdr anthology by the most revered A Beard of Snails label, available for just 1€ in their shop. The second is On a Steady Diet of Hash, Bread and Salt, a stunning collection of interpretations of Greek rebetika by artists like Steve Gunn, Sam Shalabi, Astral Social Club, Plankton Wat and many others - and yes, it is available for free download on many different websites.

Everything seems to happen by opposites and pairs this month: success and failure, good news and bad news, two kinds of Rainbow with two live shows each, two compilations and a tape split with its two sides and a mirrored artwork.

God bless advaita.


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