Ritual Summer Sales

After a quite lively Spring comes a Summer of tricks&trades. We'll be active for a couple of months, making sense of our messy catalogue and putting out a couple of new tapes before moving to Kowloon. Time to promote some deals and empty our dusty crates - we like to travel light. Check our releases page or the dis(as)tro distro, choose what you want, send an This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , and try to make the most of our current offers:

- free Remore (A Collection) CD for 10€+ orders
- free shipping in EU for 15€+ orders
- free record (your call) for 20€+ orders

here's a bird-view of my unmade bed covered by the last items added to our distro, including stuff from Fuzztape, Lonktaar, Shit Music for Shit People and Notrouble:


Pretty fucking good.


Winter's End Releases

Yes, we made it. A coherent batch, compact sounds gravitating around the general noise tag, a triptich of personal interpretations. Scary mechanical degradation and filtered frequencies with Cancrena, a promising debut in the italian industrial scene; churning freeform harsh noise and uncontrolled oscillations with LxVxTx and Ronez's Disgiunzione #3 collaboration; random b-sides, compilation tracks and unreleased leftovers by yourstruly, testifying the end of Istituzioni Ambienti Naturalismo. What more? Yeah: buy the whole batch, get free shipping.

My new bedsheet is plain awesome.


Two Thousand and Twelve

The world's not over I guess.
Instead, this new year started with a Caligine live show where the audience was more noisy than ourselves, the Tulasi / Caligine split out on Jozik, a new (2010, actually) Caligine LP coming out on A Beard of Snails, some Istituzioni Ambienti Naturalismo tracks sent to compilations and labels, some unreleased material being published as netreleases on LOLI&PUKE Inc., new distro arrivals, and three new releases on their way - hopefully for the end of the month, more specifically: the LxVxTx + Ronez's own Disgiunzione #3 collaboration, the industrial retromaniac Pasto Cranico's Cancrena and a b-sides/unreleased collection of Istituzioni Ambienti Naturalismo tracks with which - big news - he's definitely putting an end to this phase of noisy wordiness. Since this last collection onwards, he'll be known simply as Naturalismo - institutions and ambient were never much of his interest, anyway.


New net-release & some perspectives

We finally decided to remaster an Istituzioni Ambienti Naturalismo unreleased EP.
"Soli" is out as our second net release - for free and for good.
It's just twenty minutes of spacey synths and found sounds, but why don't give it a spin?

Also, we're still selling the latest five physical releases for 30€ - shipping included.
Future plans involve a 5-years celebrative compilation of our work as a label, as well as a new Teratology jam, the reissue of the latest Caligine LP (waiting for it to get sold out on A Beard of Snails), a new Disgiunzione collaboration (LxVxTx & Ronez), and a record by Pasto Cranico. Hope to get everything done before leaving in February, but again, who knows.


2011 batch finally released

After one long year of silence, Monstres par Excès is back with a batch of 5 new releases. Some split tapes, some collaborations, a new logo, a new website and a lot of noise as usual.


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