After two years of label inactivity, I managed to squeeze enough time out of my days to put together covers, slim cases, CDRs and tapes for a couple of new releases. One is a very long and boring Naturalismo ambient drone piece I recorded with a single bass synthesizer in mid-2015, the other a Caligine tape split with rural noise mates Gelba that I promised them too long ago. Both are finally, unexpectedly out.


I've repeatedly thought about closing the label, and with these two releases done the idea makes even more sense. Nobody seems to buy records anymore, and all I happen to occasionally ship are some old distro items or trades with a few friends. Perhaps I should upload the whole Monstres par Excès back-catalog on Bandcamp for free download and accept that the independent music underground is not sustainable like it was in 2006. I might do that. For the time being, I'll keep being lazy and wait while people around me disprove my pessimism: Metzger Therapie has released a couple of Naturalismo tracks on tape, Sherman Ho has put out a lovely selection of our living room guitar improv sessions, and a new track of mine has been featured on ADAADAT's fifth Trade & Distribution Almanac compilation. It's all very sweet.