Monomaniacal Streak

It might seem a bit self-absorbed to publish a whole batch of new releases all containing, in some way, my own music but hey, that's more of a timid and productive presence satisfying my namedropping ego. Truth is, I'm more than willing to appear to be peddling my own goods when I manage to bring better conspirators along the way - and this is definitely the case here! So, let's take a look at the final trio of MPE releases for 2014, catching up with some overdue material, realizing a sudden idea and relieving office boredom:   

Disgiunzione #6

The first is the sixth (never thought I'd get this far to be honest) volume of the Disgiunzioni series of EP-lenght live collaborations. As the result of a couple of years in Hong Kong, it features Dennis Wong (also known as Sin:Ned), Sherman Ho (also known as Sherman), Eric Wong (also known as Error: Wrong), and yours truly (also known as Naturalismo), all playing electric guitars (also known as six strings pulled on a piece of wood) together, making some unschooled free improvisation (also known as noise). It's a little gem of a record.


This unheimlich entity encased in fluo plastic and evidently manneristic retro-digital stickers is the only possible outcome of a split record by yours truly and Italian noise Japa-nihilist Venta Protesix, of sister label Lips Infection. It's burned on a CDr that looks like a floppy disc, it's surrounded by an artwork that feels like a computer magazine from the 1990s, and it sounds like the harshest noise but also like the most undanceable abstract techno that will kill the dancefloor in the 2020s.

shitfan 2

To keep things varied, the third release of this month, and the last of this year, is the third issue of 辶尸米 SHITFAN, our little tiny unassuming 'zine. This time, it's in a smooth black & white and it goes into the aesthetic domains of xeroxlore, office boredom and ASCII scrambling - the six pages of random constellations of discarded paper strips can function (if you want) as a cut-up graphic score for a piece titled Untilted. Instructions to play it are included in the first page, but unfortunately are as scrambled as the rest - I'd love to hear your rendition of the piece though!

I feel I didn't talk about myself enough, let's fix this: a short edit of a piece I'm working on appears on the 24th installment of Pedro Bericat's One Minute Autohypnosis, and my band of totemic space psychedelia Rainbow Island has a beautiful tape out on Körper / Leib featuring my long-distance synth-screeches of love - rejoice! Buy! Download!


see you when I see you,