Summer Term Releases in Xerox B&W

For our Summer Term holidays we went back home, found some lathe cuts without a cover, printed some on cheap xerox copy machines, felt the good old texture of toner powder smearing our fingers as we cut fronts and backs to shape, went back to 1989 and celebrated The Gerogerigegege's Showa on our own netporn-mediated terms, with twenty copies of the latest Cassa Ufficio Malattie Tropicali's LP Andreotti, our most precious and dangerous and coveted and unsettling release to date.


And we kind of got stuck. Color gradients look so good when stripped of their urgency by approximative greyscale conversion algorithms, collages look so homely when made with scissors and glue rather than Photoshop, and no sounds were asking for artworks like these more than a 51-minute jam The Shock Technician & Bipolar Joe sent us years ago. Music Stinks is the desperate, hopeless, mindless cry for help from a bullettin board infested by spambots and buried under a black 404 Not Found page. Back to black&white, back to copy machines, back to CDRs, back to our memories of harsh noise forums, and back to school eventually.

Music Stinks

And as we almost caught up with our release schedule, and as we almost got to our 30th release in 7 years, and as we almost sold out most of our early batches, we’re actually wondering where to go next. In the immediate future, Caligine will join Gelba for a semisecret show and recording sessions somewhere in Italy, some tapes are in the making, and our distro is now on Discogs, although email-based orders are still preferred (and cheaper).

keepin' it symbolic,