Communiqué: White Paper on the MPE TAZ Basic Law

We hereby declare that the MPE Temporary Autonomous Zone and all its relevant premises (Shatin, Lok Fu, Kwai Hing and wherever else we happen to play or pray or sell or buy), for the specific and limited time-frame of our appearance, and in compliance with the regulations of neither the HKSAR and of the PRC, remain under the unquestioned and unknowing sovereignty and jurisdiction of the Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland.

Besides this statement of non-local and extra-temporal situatedness, we encourage the use of white paper for more base, rather than basic, ass-wiping needs, and we suggest the adoption of the Rule of Thumb rather than the Rule of Law: in being opposable, the thumb makes the hand prehensile, and differentiates humans from... well, not all but most primates. Anyway, free improvisation needs some regulation to free itself from it: Disgiunzione #5 goes right up that alley, with Naturalismo and Sherman negotiating fret pressures and string releases over hollow bodies and tense keys drenched in C.I.A. reverb.

And rejoice! With the kind editorial contribution of hhiña, Shanghai-based painter, musician and label owner extraordinnaire, we are proud to release 辶尸米 SHITFAN n. 1, the first regular issue of our tiny 8-page A6 color zine. It's a jumble of wings, beaks and feathers in warm autumn colors, and it's our in an edition of 20 - as usual for free with each purchase of our releases. Want to contribute to the next issue? Get in touch!



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