Peripheral Events / Year of the Horse

The Year of the Horse is upon us with a gradual thaw, high PM2.5 pollution, and hectic movements: MPE celebrates silently half a year of inactivity, yet we are by no means immobile. After months of scattered lives culminating in the two-day Differ festival in Shanghai along with Sabu Toyozumi & Anla Courtis, time has come to celebrate the new lunar year, rest and plan future interventions. There is no lack of material either (tapes, CDs, lathes), and our always-growing to-do list reads: C.U.M.T., Naturalismo, Sherman, Bipolar Joe, Shock Technician, Caligine, Gelba, Tashi Dorji...

But let’s talk about present times: Winter brought a dazzling yield of sounds in carton boxes of all sizes and shapes, flying between closer and farther places. None of these beauties come out under our name, yet we were involved in all of them more or less transversally – as the folk ramblings of Caligine, the off-kilter filters of Naturalismo, or the prismatic improvisations of Rainbow Island and Ѫΰϯᶓԃ Ʀѧϊᵰѣѻὦ.

Winter releases

Please scroll through the works that fellow labels did for our sounds, in a roughly chronological retrospective of this season of warm interactions. We will carry some of these releases in our distros in Rome & Hong Kong, yet as usual we’d prefer the label to sell them first... à votre bon coeur.

Caligine / The End SpringsSplit 7’’ (A Beard of Snails)

Caligine / GelbaSplit (Lonktaar)

Rainbow IslandRoad to Mirapuri (NO=FI)

Ѫΰϯᶓԃ Ʀѧϊᵰѣѻὦ - Intutions (Arachnidiscs)

NaturalismoInterno (Lips Infection)

Caligine, 李劍鴻, 朱小龍 - 石雲 / 雨旋 (Nothing Out There)


And happy new here,