MMXIII: Quinquennial Plans & Derives

It took a while and some thousands of miles of flights & derives but Ohrwurm Culture is finally into-the-world.
Ohrwurm Culture is Monstres par Excès first quinquennial compilation, and reports about almost everything that we did from 2007 to 2012, putting together a lot of people, efforts, times and places.

It's free, and it is beautiful.

Downloaded, enjoyed, enraged, embarassed?

Follow its dispersion, for it's multiple and cascading: "Veiculo Longo / A II Moon" is a beautiful blessed brilliance by Rella the Woodcutter and IOIOI, with incredible artworks by Chaai1's director Li Huihui. "Itself Kind Life" brings 王长存 on lathe cut, celebrating the first MPE co-release: pre-order it quickly, for only twenty of them exist. Rainbow Island's "RNBW" is pretty evidently the best Italian record of the year, if not because it has bongos in it, then because it is both a splendid vinyl LP and a free download, as all masterpieces of videogaming should be. And for the nostalgic boomboxers, Rainbow Island compiled a mixtape as well, and what a better title could we choose than Rainbowıxʇɐdǝ?

Besides the recent past, here be some future perfect: Caligine accompanied Makoto Kawabata to visit her majesty Pink Lady Lemonade along with 卖卖 and Half Otfto, and will keep the trajectory towards other two live shows: 13/4 with Orka, 21/4 with Purple Pilgrims & Gary War. On the other side of Eurasia, Rainbow Island are popping up everywhere like the unbeatable final boss of a lisergic arcade, and even announced to present their last hit Multitenebra, an industrial suite about Italian politics, at Thalassa Festival.

AllHappened\FuturePerfects\IncessantNegation to everyone.