Monstres par Excès [mɔ̃stʀ paʀ ɛksɛ] is a French term that comes from teratology, the study of malformations and monstrosities. Its meaning can be roughly translated as "monsters by excess", 过剩畸形, those born with too much, beings with too many limbs, bodies with too many organs, over-accretions of biological production, walking surpluses deprived of social value.


We are a label. We publish experimental and underground music since 2007.
We do believe that the foremost feature of experimentation is excess, or excessive lack - hence our name: surplus, garbage, noise that generates unnecessary but productive forms.
We stress that the word "noise" does not stand for a coded genre but describes a category of disturbing action and unease-guerrilla.
We inhabit the underground with small-scale, limited editions, and we strive to channel all (ideally much-welcome) profit into the next batch of high-quality releases.
We are definitely more punk than academic, more DIY than professional, more globular than locular.
We promote unconventional aesthetics, problematic an-aestethics, and have faith in the role of aesthetics as tangible ethics.
We support first-hand cooperation between different territorialities of the underground community, in search of the power of extemporaneous disjunction and imperfect conjunction.
We still preach that this invasive first person plural pronoun is extremely porous and as inclusive as you want it to be, as long as it learns to forget the I.