After two years of label inactivity, I managed to squeeze enough time out of my days to put together covers, slim cases, CDRs and tapes for a couple of new releases. One is a very long and boring Naturalismo ambient drone piece I recorded with a single bass synthesizer in mid-2015, the other a Caligine tape split with rural noise mates Gelba that I promised them too long ago. Both are finally, unexpectedly out.


I've repeatedly thought about closing the label, and with these two releases done the idea makes even more sense. Nobody seems to buy records anymore, and all I happen to occasionally ship are some old distro items or trades with a few friends. Perhaps I should upload the whole Monstres par Excès back-catalog on Bandcamp for free download and accept that the independent music underground is not sustainable like it was in 2006. I might do that. For the time being, I'll keep being lazy and wait while people around me disprove my pessimism: Metzger Therapie has released a couple of Naturalismo tracks on tape, Sherman Ho has put out a lovely selection of our living room guitar improv sessions, and a new track of mine has been featured on ADAADAT's fifth Trade & Distribution Almanac compilation. It's all very sweet.



Monomaniacal Streak

It might seem a bit self-absorbed to publish a whole batch of new releases all containing, in some way, my own music but hey, that's more of a timid and productive presence satisfying my namedropping ego. Truth is, I'm more than willing to appear to be peddling my own goods when I manage to bring better conspirators along the way - and this is definitely the case here! So, let's take a look at the final trio of MPE releases for 2014, catching up with some overdue material, realizing a sudden idea and relieving office boredom:   

Disgiunzione #6

The first is the sixth (never thought I'd get this far to be honest) volume of the Disgiunzioni series of EP-lenght live collaborations. As the result of a couple of years in Hong Kong, it features Dennis Wong (also known as Sin:Ned), Sherman Ho (also known as Sherman), Eric Wong (also known as Error: Wrong), and yours truly (also known as Naturalismo), all playing electric guitars (also known as six strings pulled on a piece of wood) together, making some unschooled free improvisation (also known as noise). It's a little gem of a record.


This unheimlich entity encased in fluo plastic and evidently manneristic retro-digital stickers is the only possible outcome of a split record by yours truly and Italian noise Japa-nihilist Venta Protesix, of sister label Lips Infection. It's burned on a CDr that looks like a floppy disc, it's surrounded by an artwork that feels like a computer magazine from the 1990s, and it sounds like the harshest noise but also like the most undanceable abstract techno that will kill the dancefloor in the 2020s.

shitfan 2

To keep things varied, the third release of this month, and the last of this year, is the third issue of 辶尸米 SHITFAN, our little tiny unassuming 'zine. This time, it's in a smooth black & white and it goes into the aesthetic domains of xeroxlore, office boredom and ASCII scrambling - the six pages of random constellations of discarded paper strips can function (if you want) as a cut-up graphic score for a piece titled Untilted. Instructions to play it are included in the first page, but unfortunately are as scrambled as the rest - I'd love to hear your rendition of the piece though!

I feel I didn't talk about myself enough, let's fix this: a short edit of a piece I'm working on appears on the 24th installment of Pedro Bericat's One Minute Autohypnosis, and my band of totemic space psychedelia Rainbow Island has a beautiful tape out on Körper / Leib featuring my long-distance synth-screeches of love - rejoice! Buy! Download!


see you when I see you,


Summer Term Releases in Xerox B&W

For our Summer Term holidays we went back home, found some lathe cuts without a cover, printed some on cheap xerox copy machines, felt the good old texture of toner powder smearing our fingers as we cut fronts and backs to shape, went back to 1989 and celebrated The Gerogerigegege's Showa on our own netporn-mediated terms, with twenty copies of the latest Cassa Ufficio Malattie Tropicali's LP Andreotti, our most precious and dangerous and coveted and unsettling release to date.


And we kind of got stuck. Color gradients look so good when stripped of their urgency by approximative greyscale conversion algorithms, collages look so homely when made with scissors and glue rather than Photoshop, and no sounds were asking for artworks like these more than a 51-minute jam The Shock Technician & Bipolar Joe sent us years ago. Music Stinks is the desperate, hopeless, mindless cry for help from a bullettin board infested by spambots and buried under a black 404 Not Found page. Back to black&white, back to copy machines, back to CDRs, back to our memories of harsh noise forums, and back to school eventually.

Music Stinks

And as we almost caught up with our release schedule, and as we almost got to our 30th release in 7 years, and as we almost sold out most of our early batches, we’re actually wondering where to go next. In the immediate future, Caligine will join Gelba for a semisecret show and recording sessions somewhere in Italy, some tapes are in the making, and our distro is now on Discogs, although email-based orders are still preferred (and cheaper).

keepin' it symbolic,


Communiqué: White Paper on the MPE TAZ Basic Law

We hereby declare that the MPE Temporary Autonomous Zone and all its relevant premises (Shatin, Lok Fu, Kwai Hing and wherever else we happen to play or pray or sell or buy), for the specific and limited time-frame of our appearance, and in compliance with the regulations of neither the HKSAR and of the PRC, remain under the unquestioned and unknowing sovereignty and jurisdiction of the Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland.

Besides this statement of non-local and extra-temporal situatedness, we encourage the use of white paper for more base, rather than basic, ass-wiping needs, and we suggest the adoption of the Rule of Thumb rather than the Rule of Law: in being opposable, the thumb makes the hand prehensile, and differentiates humans from... well, not all but most primates. Anyway, free improvisation needs some regulation to free itself from it: Disgiunzione #5 goes right up that alley, with Naturalismo and Sherman negotiating fret pressures and string releases over hollow bodies and tense keys drenched in C.I.A. reverb.

Communiqué: White Paper on the MPE TAZ Basic Law

And rejoice! With the kind editorial contribution of hhiña, Shanghai-based painter, musician and label owner extraordinnaire, we are proud to release 辶尸米 SHITFAN n. 1, the first regular issue of our tiny 8-page A6 color zine. It's a jumble of wings, beaks and feathers in warm autumn colors, and it's our in an edition of 20 - as usual for free with each purchase of our releases. Want to contribute to the next issue? Get in touch!



not here,



Given that making records was not enough work and our forthcoming releases were not that much postponed (although we really wish to have a couple new CDs & tapes out in the summer), putting together the pilot issue of a fanzine seemed like the best thing to do while the overstretched Winter morphs into a sudden sweltering humid hell here in the lower grounds of Shatin.

What we lacked was a proper conceptual and catchy name for it, so we resorted to base puns and wordplay around Chinese characters and English words, ending up with strange hybrids of corpses, shit, rice, fans and intoxication on the move - something which we guessed sort of pulled together MPE's aesthetic incongruence.

Here comes issue number 0 of 辶尸米 SHITFAN, our little 8-page, full-color, 20 copies fanzine. Price is fixed at that hefty 5HKD coin in your wallet, or at "FREE" if you buy any of our record while stocks last.

And for the next numbers, we would love to have you being our author, editor or curator for one page, one section or one entire issue.

Our idea of content is quite wide: photos, essays, novels, reviews, drawings, critique, comics, manifestos, collages, hatespeech, scores, loveletters, poetry, whatnot.




doing it ourselves,


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